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I’ve been working with ambitious, driven women for over a decade. Women who are leaders in every sector of their lives. Many of these women have said yes to a full life, but have yet to experience and engage all of who they are—the loud, the soft, the powerful, the compassionate, the creative. When you embrace yourself in all of your wonders, you tap into your unique leadership voice and unlock the power to create a truly meaningful contribution to the world around you. The world wants you—the world needs you—in all of your wonders.

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“This is a new wave of women in leadership, using their voices to create progress with compassion and creativity.”


The Power Group


If you’re craving the transformational support of coaching and the unique kind of accountability and inspiration that can only be found in a group, Power Groups might be for you. A power group is a hand-selected, intimate cohort of driven, inspired women who are ready to break down the walls holding them back and support other women to do the same. The next group starts July 1, 2018.

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Last year, I gave my business card to a potential client, and I felt a twinge as the words “Conscious Working Mama” left my mouth. Where once I owned my company name with ease and pride, it felt restrictive, awkward, and no longer an expression of me.


6 lessons from the 2018 Olympics to help you live up to your potential

I love the Olympics, and this winter Olympics in Korea did not disappoint. I was amazed, inspired, moved, and motivated. In the past, I felt like I would lose two weeks of productivity because I would get sucked in to watching every night, and then once they were over it was a bit like I lost two weeks of my life.


2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is here!  We’ve curated our favorite items (as of today) for your significant others, children and most importantly you. We’re so conditioned to think about others on this holiday, but please don’t forget about yourself! It all falls under self-care for the soul and it’s what will allow you to come from a place of fullness, instead of not enough.


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